ICICI Bank revamps mobile banking app

icici-mobile-bankingICICI Bank has upgraded its mobile banking app ‘iMobile’ by taking the total number of services that the users can avail of to over 100.

The  new app will help customers connect with the Bank’s call centre from within the app without any further authentication, withdraw cash from an ATM without using a card, tag frequent transactions as favourites, view integrated details of all accounts in the app itself as well as receive alerts from Google Now.

“The ‘all new iMobile’ also comes with best-in-class security features,” ICICI  Bank claimed.

The upgrade is an attempt by the bank to stay on top of the highly competitive banking space in India. ICICI has been coming under increasing attack from Axis Bank on one side and from SBI on the other. At one time the unquestioned leader in introducing technological solutions for customers, the bank has seen its competitors fill the digital gap over the past 3-4 years.

“We introduced the country’s first mobile banking app in 2008. Every year, since then, the number of people using our mobile banking platform has doubled,” said Rajiv Sabharwal, Executive Director, ICICI Bank.

“Today, close to 60% of our transactions are carried out on internet and mobile banking channels. With India at the forefront of mobile phone growth in the world, it has been our strategy to offer a world-class, industry leading and consistently path breaking customer experience to our valued customers,” he said.

The iMobile app is available on all mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Java, Windows and Blackberry. Any ICICI Bank savings account customer, who has a mobile number registered with the Bank can download the iMobile application.

The new app has introduced integration with Google Now, as a result of which customers will get alerts and notifications on the payment due date of their credit card, maturity of their FD among others through ‘Google Now’

It also allows customers to withdraw the money from ICICI Bank ATMs without using a debit card.

Additionally, customers can also use iMobile to update their passbook, apply for personal loans, auto loans and home loans, access their loan statement, tax certificate, EMI schedule, pay utility bills and instantly blocking a debit or credit card card from the app itself.

Transactions like funding a PPF account, checking PPF statements or checking the recent transactions can also be carried out.