SpiceJet announces 75% discount for next three days

SpiceJet Ltd today announced a “Super Summer Sale” for customers who book within the next three days, for travel between April 1 and June 30, 2014.

It said the offer follows the success of the Super Sale offers that were launched by the airline earlier this year, and is “part of the airline’s commitment to make seats that would otherwise fly empty available to passengers at highly discounted advance purchase rates, creating a win-win for both the airline and for travelers.”

This sale is now live, and lasts till midnight of Wednesday, February 26, 2014..

Under this offer, customers can get up to 75% discount on base fare plus fuel surchaspicejetrge relative to last minute bookings (i.e. bookings that are made within 7 days of travel). For example, a Delhi-Goa fare that otherwise sells for Rs 11,148 all-in for last minute purchase, can be purchased for as little as Rs 3,737 all-in under this offer, the airline said.

SpiceJet had recently kicked off another spree of discounts, offering similar discounts for a three day period. Indian airlines have seen prices shoot up over the last two years due to rising fuel costs and the poor financial condition of the airlines. Only one airline, Indigo, is profitable.

Tickets can be booked on SpiceJet’s website, online travel portals and travel agents, the airline said. The offer is not applicable for bookings made at the airline’s call centre and airport ticketing counters, and is not combinable with other offers, it added. Seats made available for this offer are limited and availability depends on specific date and flight.

“SpiceJet is committed to leading the way in offering the most attractive fares to the most customers. We received overwhelming positive feedback from customers who booked the earlier ‘Super Sales’ for taking the lead in making air travel more affordable, where travelers can now book more spontaneously and more often by air, and also for attracting many first time air travelers who would otherwise endure long train journeys or not travel at all,” said Mr Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer, SpiceJet Ltd.

“These advance purchase offers are a win-win for customers, for airlines, and for the travel industry and the economy overall, as it leads to significant demand stimulation, customers get to enjoy deeply discounted fares, airlines get to reduce wastage of seats that would otherwise fly empty, and others in the travel eco-system get more business,” Mr Kapoor added.

He added that stakeholders in the airline industry need not be worried as such moves of inventory management need not hit profitability in the sector.

“These are not fare wars as is commonly reported, as there are no losers. This is just basic customer segmentation and inventory and revenue management.”