Facebook wants to become a platform for public content

Facebook wants to emerge as a platform for public content, and not just private or person-to-person content, but is not really offering a video platform for content providers like Youtube, Facebook’s vice president for media partnerships said.rp_24aaffa670e634a7da9a087bfa83abe6.png

“We want to be a platform for sharing of public content,” Justin Osofsky said at India’s FICCI Frames conference. Osofsky said Facebook has been trying, especially over the last one year, to beef up its public content.

The introduction of the hashtag facility is targeted at making it a platform for public content, Osofsky said.

Asked if Facebook would offer content owners a platform like Youtube does, Osofsky said there is currently no such offering and the primary thrust of the current engagement with content owners was around driving traffic to their content and websites.

The monetization aspect is taken care of the content providers themselves, Osofsky said. However, he added that public content would be a big thrust area for Facebook in the coming months and years.