Suicide attack kills top police official and three Western soldiers in Afghanistan

In one of the most daring attacks the Taliban has killed the police commander for northern Afghanistan Gen Mohammad Daud Daud.

The suicide attack took place in the compound of the Takhar province governor when a provincial council meeting was taking place. The incident took place late in the afternoon around 1600 hrs local time (15.30 GMT).

The council meeting was being attended by the troops of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the Afghan National Army (ANA).

Among the casualties are three German soldiers and the top commander of foreign troops in north Afghanistan, Germany’s General Markus Kneip is also injured.

Sources tell RTN that the suicide bombers were waiting outside the meeting venue and when the participants were coming out the attack took place.

Among the injured is the governor of the Takhar province.

The latest attack is significant as it has taken place in the northern part of Afghanistan which is considered to be comparatively peaceful.

For German soldiers this is the second bad news in the last one week.
A German soldier had been killed by an explosion in the Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan, and that two others were injured in the attack few days ago.

Analysts see this attack as part of the Spring attack by the Taliban.