Government agreeable to all demands except 1 or 2: Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev has said that the government has agreed to most of his demands except one or two demands. The spiritual leader however refused to abandon his fast till all the demands are met.

Ramdev’s biggest demand, the abolition of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, has not been accepted by the government, according to sources.

Addressing his followers at the fast pandal, he said he has been getting more and more letters of support from all kinds of organizations, mostly spiritual, including those from Sikhs, Buddhists etc..

“There is an anger across the country at corruption.. This is not a political or communal campaign, we don’t have any communal or political agenda,” he said.

Baba is learnt to have demanded the abolition of high-value currency notes to force those who have stacked away cash to come forward with them to get them converted into lower denominations.

He also wants a strict and effective program to bring back the billions of dollars stashed away in secret accounts of politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen. He is also learnt to have demanded the strictest punishment, including the death penalty or life imprisonment, for the corrupt.

Baba is also an advocate of introducing or mandating technical education — such as engineering and management education — through Indian languages, and moving the country away from its focus on English-language education. But this topic is not part of his current demand, according to sources.


Baba Ramdev may get what he wants even before the fast