Government will not bring Lokpal: Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev said that telecom minister Kapil Sibal warned him not to let Gandhian Anna Hazare on the stage, warning him that if he did so, none of his demands will be accepted.

“I don’t think the government is serious about anything, whether it is fighting corruption and black money or bringing Lokpal. I don’t think they have the intention to bring Lokpal,” he said.

Sibal is part of a 10-member team set up to discuss the provisions of a Lokpal bill to be presented in the Parliament. “He said, if you let Anna on the stage, none of your demands will be accepted,” he alleged in Haridwar.

Anna is particularly detested in higher echelons of the Congress party for his mass-movement that forced it to agree to set up a corruption ombudsman called Lokpal. Anna has threatened to launch another agitation if the bill does not become law by August 15.

He singled out Sibal for criticism, calling him “extremely shrewd and cunning.”

Baba made an appeal to his followers to continue to the agitation and alleged that the Government was planning to kill him. “If anything happens to me, hold Sonia Gandhi and the Government responsible,” he said.