Congress to conduct own reach out program to counter Baba’s

The Congress Party has decided to counter Baba Ramdev’s own mass ‘reach out’ program with one of its own.

After a meeting of the office-bearers of the All India Congress Committee under Sonia Gandhi, senior leader Janardhan Dwivedi repeated the familiar line that RSS and BJP were behind the campaign by Baba Ramdev.

“There are forces that having failed to succeed in the elections, have decided to adopt short cuts to come back to power. They are spreading misconceptions,” he said.

He said the Congress looks at the challenge seriously and has “decided to accept it.”

“We have decided to expose the real intentions of those behind this movement through a reach-out program,” Dwivedi said.

Swami has already said his followers will do a door to door campaign to expose the government and question the reason why it is unwilling to act tough against those who have illicit funds.