Congress equates money with dishonesty — Uma Bharti

Uma Bharti, the former BJP leader, has attacked the Congress party for questioning how Baba can be against black money when he is at the head of a Rs 1,000 crore charitable trust.

Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh have covertly or overtly questioned the moral authority of a “rich person” like Baba Ramdev to raise the issue of black money. Black money refers to money that is hidden from the government — either because it has been acquired through illegal means such as bribes or because the person acquiring does not want to pay tax.

Uma Bharti, a sanyasin-leader who left BJP a few years ago, mocked the Congress leaders for thinking that one can make money only if one is dishonest.

“That means that they can see dishonesty as the only way to make money,” she said. “It is a wrong argument, because you are telling future generations that to become rich, you have to become dishonest,” he added.

Baba Ramdev controls a not-for-profit trust which owns Yoga training centres and Ayurveda brands and is estimated to be one of the biggest training cum ayurvedic conglomerate in the country.

As part of its strategy to discredit Baba by attacking him personally, the Congress has been raising many allegations such as Baba is responsible for land-grabbing, his associates have disappeared without trace etc.. The government is also learnt to have set tax authorities after Baba and his sympathisers to try and unearth any dirt.