Baba Ramdev declares support to Anna Hazare fast on Wednesday

Baba Ramdev has declared support to tomorrow’s agitation and fast by veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

“Lakhs of our followers will participate in tomorrow’s program,” Baba said at Haridwar moments ago.

“There may be personal differences, but for the country as a whole, we support Shanti Bhushan and others,” he said. Shanti Bhushan had expressed reservations about the methods adopted by Baba Ramdev during his recent agitation, possibly hinting at his close association with perceived rightist persons like Sadhvi Ritambara.

However, once the demonstration was beaten down by the government, Bhushan was amongst the first deplore the act.

The move is likely to complicate the picture for the Government which is still to decide on how to treat tomorrow’s planned fast and demonstration by Anna Hazare and other leaders of the Lokpal movement.

While the Government is technically entitled to say yes or no to the Wednesday fast by Anna Hazare, the Civil Society leaders have already announced that they are willing to be arrested if the Government cracks down on tomorrow’s protest as well.


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