People have been upset for 62 years, you are getting upset now: Anna’s team

Anna Hazare’s team have given a strong reply to telecom minister Kapil Sibal’s allegation that they are using ‘uncivil’ language by questioning the government’s intentions.

Kejriwal mocked Kapil Sibal for getting upset when Anna raised doubts about whether the Government was sincere in its intentions towards the civil society.

“They have every right to be upset. We the citizens have been upset for 62 years. Let them be a little more tolerant of the country. The arrogance should come down a little,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal pointed out that just because they are elected, they are not ‘elected dictators.’ “We have not elected dictators for five years in the last election,” he said.

He said that the Civil Society felt the doubts about government’s intentions and possible conspiracy by the Government due to events of the last two months.

“We said Government is conspiring because.. sometimes, there are CDs released, some times a plot purchase is being raked up..” he pointed out. “If we are cheated and we complain about it, it is not uncivil language,” he added.

Kejriwal also reiterated the demand for opening up the discussions on the bill to the public through TV channels.

“They are saying that the individual members of the panel will have difficulty in giving their opinion. When we five do not have any such issues, why should they have,” Kejriwal asked, on the reason given by the Government against live telecast.

“We want to have an open debate,” Kiran Bedi, another leader, said. “The debate must be freed from room number 141 in North Block.”

Kejriwal also made fun of the Government’s move to send ‘yes or no’ questionnaire to the chief ministers on Lokpal. “Is this a children’s test,” he asked.


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