Baba Ramdev action taken by Home Ministry: Digvijay Singh

Congress has denied any responsibility for the attack on Baba Ramdev’s protest camp at Ramlila Maidan.

“The party did not have anything to do with it.. It was a decision taken by the Delhi Police,” he said, indirectly pointing the finger at P Chidambaram.

Delhi Police is controlled by the Union Home ministry under P Chidambaram.

Singh also alleged that RSS was behind the Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement for getting Lokpal bill passed.

“They first put up Anna Hazare. Then when we compromised with Anna, then they put up Baba Ramdev. When Baba also compromised, they put pressure on Baba to renege on the agreement,” Singh said.

He also said he does not believe that Baba Ramdev is an RSS agent, but was merely “put up” by RSS.

He also denied that the Ramlila put down happened at night. “It happened at 2 am. It was ‘suprabhat’ (early morning).. After 2 am, it is suprabhat,” he said.

He said the government did not want to remove the Baba during the day time because it would have led to scuffles (afra-tafri).


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