Case filed against three policemen in Lakhimpur case

The UP Government has filed police complaint against an inspector and two constables belonging to the Lakhimpur police station where a 14-year-old girl was found raped and murdered.

Police officials said the case has been filed since the crime scene was found to be altered and modified.

“Whenever any crime happens, the crime-scene must be kept as it is. In this case, it is clear that that has not been done. So we have lodged a complaint,” said Prashant Dwivedi, police commissioner of Lucknow.

“In addition, the Policemen here told Sonal’s mother to take the body to her home. This was clearly improper in such a case,” he added.

Eleven policemen have already been suspended in the case. The case has been taken away from the District administration and transferred to the CB-CID, based in Lucknow. Similarly, a new team of doctors have been flown in late yesterday to conduct a new post-mortem on the body of the girl.

Asked about possible leads, Dwivedi said that the state government is absolutely insistent on getting to the bottom of the murder within one week.

“We don’t have to wait for long. One week, the case will be investigated very thoroughly and very professionally. We are very sure that we will find out the truth in one week. Please wait for one week,” he said.

Besides Dwivedi, the Superintendent of Police and the Inspector General of Police for UP have also landed on the spot at Lakhimpur.

The second post mortem was ordered after it was revealed that instead of the three doctors required in such a panel, only one doctor was present. Dwivedi said any failure or shortcoming or tampering on the part of the doctor will be punished if the second post-mortem differed in its conclusions on the murder.