Lakhimpur girl was not raped, but attempt was made: CB-CID

The Uttar Pradesh CB-CID, the top investigating agency under the state government, has pointed its fingers to two cops for direct involvement in the murder of the 14-year-old girl whose body was found in a police station in Lakhimpur in UP.

In an interim report submitted to the government, the CB-CID ruled out actual rape, but pointed to an attempt to rape on the part of the policemen, according to sources. The murder was probably triggered by the abortive rape attempt, the report says.

In all, the report has name two policemen as directly involved in the episode, while another three or four have been suspected to be accomplices or having done nothing to do to prevent the crime despite knowing about it.

Meanwhile, the parents of the girl told media that they are in favor of a CBI inquiry, also a demand by the Congress party, which rules the Centre. CBI is the central investigating agency.

The interim report will be submitted at the Allahabad High Court tomorrow.


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