BJP leader Rajnath Singh writes to the PM on Brahmaputra

The BJP has jumped into the Brahmaputra controversy, with senior leader Rajnath Singh writing to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warning of a ‘devastating’ effect on people living in Assam and the North East if China diverts water from the Brahmaputra.

“Brahmaputra is an international river. According to international law, its waters cannot be diverted in an arbitrary manner,” Rajnath Singh, former head of the BJP, wrote.

The controversy has flared up after satellite images showed Chinese dams on the Chinese stretch of the Brahmaputra, one of the biggest rivers in India. The government of India has officially stated that the Chinese will not divert water, but only use the water pressure to generate electricity, but many in India are cynical of Chinese assurances to the government of India.

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