Bangalore-based Ittiam Systems crosses $20 mln mark

In India’s world of outsourcing and me-too IT companies, Bangalore-based Ittiam Systems stands out.

Founded more than ten years ago with the vision of leveraging India’s intellectual capacity to create intellectual property (such as patents), instead of simply helping others do their job, the company has just crossed the $20 million revenue mark.

Interestingly, the company said royalty income contributed to more than 35% of the total revenue, making Ittiam one of the rare Indian tech companies to get a substantial part of its revenues from licensing of technology.

“Ittiam’s “revenue per employee productivity” has crossed well over US$100K, which is twice the typical productivity in the Indian IT industry,” the company said, revealing its annual numbers for 2011-12.

Ittiam also tops the number of patents granted for an Indian IT company with 30 patents granted till date and a further 30 patent filings going through the patent review process, the company claimed.

Ittiam Systems focuses on embedded media centric systems. Every year, several tens of million units of products, such as Smartphones, Tablets, Video Communication Devices and Wi-Fi Chipsets with Ittiam technology are shipped by companies across the world.

The company operates through its network of offices and representatives around the world.