No data on corruption in BPL card issue: Gov to Varun Gandhi

The government of India does not have any information on complaints regarding the issue of ‘below poverty line’ or BPL ‘ration’ cards, according to a reply by the Rural Development ministry to BJP MP Varun Gandhi.

Varun Gandhi, MP from Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh, had sought details about the complaints that it may have received on the matter of corruption in the issue of BPL cards.

BPL cards enable its recipients to be eligible for various government benefits and subsidies, such as housing schemes. They also enable the holders to purchase grains at prices such as Rs 2 to 3 per kg.

Varun Gandhi asked for state-wise details of “complaints of corruption/demand bribe from rural households for getting a BPL card made in rural areas.”

However, the rural development ministry said it had nothing to offer.

Since “the task of getting a BPL card made in the rural areas lies with the state governments,” the ministry did not keep a record of complaints of corruption in the distribution of the cards.

Various ministries get complaints, often about schemes implemented by the state governments. Some ministries register and forward such complaints to the concerned state governments.