Cognizant, TCS tops satisfaction survey in Nordic countries

The North European countries seem to love their Indian IT service partners.

Indian IT services companies such as TCS, Cognizant and HCL scored considerably higher in a satisfaction survey among companies in the Nordic countriesin in KPMG’s Outsourcing 2012 study.

“Cognizant also had not one dissatisfied client, which makes the company the top performer among the top 28 global, regional, and local IT outsourcing service providers that we evaluated,” said Carl-Henrik Hallström, Head of Business Effectiveness and People and Change at KPMG.

Five of the top six companies, ranked according to client satisfaction, were Indian or India-based.

Tata Consultancy Services and Cognizant Technology Solutions led a list of about two dozen IT services providers with a satisfaction ranking of 80%.

HCL Technologies followed close behind, with 77% approval. Mahindra Satyam was fifth, with 75% approval, while Infosys Ltd was sixth, with a satisfaction rating of 72%.

Volvo IT, a unit of the Volvo group which also has a centre in Bangalore, was the only non Indian company to feature among the top six.

The companies’ biggest international competitor, IBM, was placed in the lower half.

The Nordic countries comprise of Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Cognizant also topped the ‘recommendation’ rating, with 80% of their clients recommending the company as a good outsourcing partner.

Volvo IT, which has around 5000 employees, and TCS were number 2 in the recommendation rating. HCL and Infosys followed at numbers 4 and 5.