TCS inks partnership with Malaysian government-linked firm PRODATA

India’s biggest IT company, Tata Consultancy Services, has decided to join hands with the IT arm of Malaysia’s Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) group for its operations in the country.

FELDA is a government agency that focuses on resettling farmers in newly development farm areas. It holds 49% in FELDA Holdings which in turn owns PRODATA, the IT arm.

PRODATA is run as a commercial enterprise, despite its origins in and links to the Malaysian government.

TCS, which has been in Malaysia for several years, said the two companies will now jointly develop and deliver “strategic Information Technology (IT) services and solutions to the Malaysian market.”

The move, blessed by the Malaysian government, is expected to give TCS an advantage when bidding for government contracts in Malaysia. “Witnessing this milestone agreement was the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato Sri’ Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak whose vision of taking Felda companies to the global market is in synch with this agreement,” TCS said.

“Under this agreement, both organisations will jointly take forward their key IT initiatives in a timely, efficient and effective manner to service customers. They will also jointly develop and market IT solutions and services to local companies, Malaysian government-linked companies (GLCs) and global companies within Malaysia,” it added.

For its part, PRODATA said the tie-up will help it emerge as Malaysia’s “national IT company.”

“It injects TCS’ global experience and strength into our service portfolios and capabilities in offering differentiated IT solutions and services to our customers. This “glocal” relationship creates strong synergies in both business and talent development,” said Fauzi Ghani, CEO of PRODATA.

TCS also said the tie-up will “serve as a conduit of technical expertise and IT skill development into the companies’ respective workforces in Malaysia.”

PRODATA is the IT arm of FELDA Group of companies, one of Malaysia’s largest, and most diversified agro-based enterprise. It was established in 1986 to provide a complete and integrated ICT solution to the Group.

Since 1991, PRODATA expand its services to government agencies, corporate and services sectors. Prodata now offers full range of services including software development & system integration, hardware leasing & outsourcing, infrastructure solutions, multimedia, ICT training and industrial automation to its customers.

Prodata has a presence nationwide with 16 support offices and 3 main branches.