Idea Cellular cuts and raises 3g data prices

Idea has cut prices of its low-use 3g data plans, following a recent cut in 3g tariffs by competitor Airtel, even as it seems to have steeply increased prices in some plans.

The price cuts are very similar, if not the same, as those implemented by Bharti Airtel last week.

For starters, Idea has reduced its pay-as-you-go tariff to 3p/10 KB from 10p/10KB. In other words, Idea Cellular customers can now pay Rs 3 per MB or Rs 3,000 per GB for 3G data, without subscribing to any packs.

However, compared to bulk plans (Rs 22.50 per GB by MTNL), the offer is still very expensive and subscribers would do better to subscribe to a plan.

Idea also has a 3G-2G unlimited offer for Rs 950, which offers 3G data speed till 6 GB of use and 2G speed after that. The plan is technically unlimited data, but 3G speeds are available only for 6 GB per month.

Idea’s new sachet pack of Rs 10/- will now offer 30 minutes of high speed internet surfing. It also unveiled “HERO-25” a new sachet pack which will give 100 MB data with 3 days validity at Rs 25, compared to Rs 17 charged by Aircel.

For regular home & SoHo internet users, Idea now offers 1GB of data download at just Rs 250.

Rs 350 will now fetch you 1.5 GB instead of the old 1 GB.

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