Vodafone new 3g plans cheaper than Airtel, Idea in some cases

Vodafone India has roughly halved its 3G tariffs, making them cheaper than those offered by competitors such as Reliance Communications, Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular in many cases.

In most cases, however, they are now the same as the rates offered by Airtel and Idea.

Under the new plans, Vodafone is offering 2 GB for Rs 450 per month — the same as what Airtel and Idea are offering.

That said, Vodafone’s rates are still higher than those offered by Aircel, BSNL and MTNL.

Under the new plans, you can get 5 GB of high-speed 3G data for Rs 850 per month, compared to about 3 GB earlier. In comparison, you need to shell out about Rs 935 per month for 5 GB under Airtel and Idea.

Similarly, Vodafone is now offering the cheapest 3G plans among the big GSM players in India at the 15 GB per month level.

Vodafone has also added a large number of new high volume plans, whereas it used to have few such schemes earlier.

Under the tariffs, you can get 8 GB of 3G data for Rs 1,250 and 12 GB for about Rs 1600 per month. The rates are similar or the same as those offered under Idea and Airtel’s plans.

However, they are costlier than 3G plans of Aircel. Aircel, for example, offers 10 GB for just Rs 997 per month, compared to Rs 1,500 charged by the other GSM operators.

Similarly, the price of 5 GB is only about Rs 700 on Aircel and Rs 750 on BSNL.

The lowest tariffs continue to be offered by MTNL, on which you can get about 4 GB for Rs 304 (Rs 76 per week), or 1 GB for Rs 22.50 under a six-monthly scheme.

“We expect this offer to be well received by the customers as it will act as a strong value proposition for data users,” said Sanjoy Mukerji, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone India.