Mamata says humans cannot live on 1 cylinder for 2 months

Mamata once again reiterated her demand for a “minimum 24” gas cylinders per year for each family in India.

She said the government’s assertion that an average family needs only 1 cylinder every two months is a “mockery.”

“You ask your wife, anyone.. how many cylinders are used.. You need at least two a month,” Mamata said in Calcutta today.

She said the government’s assumption that an ordinary family needs just one cylinder every two months is totally wrong. “You can survive on one cylinder for two months, but only if there is no eating, only dieting. This norm is not applicable for humans, but for superhumans who don’t need to eat much,” she said.

“I cannot compromise every time on these controversial issues. Political parties don’t matter if they don’t consider the people. We cannot cheat the people. (Our minister) will tender his resignation.. We will be happy if they allow 24 cylinders,” she said.

She also reminded the Centre that it had reassured all political parties that the decision on FDI would be made only on the basis of a consensus of all political parties. “What forced our friends in the UPA to take these decisions in two days,” she said.

She called the press conference to counter what she called disinformation come from the Centre. Central ministers had said that they had consulted all cabinet ministers, including her party’s Mukul Roy, on the need for raising diesel prices and cutting down LPG eligibility.

She brought Mukul Roy, railway minister, to the press conference. “I can assure you that the Prime Minister has not given me any message to be passed on to my Party head on this matter,” Roy said.

Mamata has withdrawn her support to the government at the Centre, pluging it into minority.