For those who can’t wait, iPhone 5 available at a premium

The iPhone 5 may be officially launched in India only by the year-end, but private sellers are already offering the latest model from apple at a price of Rs 59,990 on ebay.

The pricetag, for the 16 GB version, is about 40% higher than what the iPhone 4S 16 GB model sells for in India.

According to private sellers on ebay, the iPhone 5 will ship “in the next 10 days” if you order it now.

It may be noted that the ‘usual’ price for the latest iPhone is about $700, or about Rs 37,000, in the United States. Since most operators subsidize the phone, it is usually available for about $200, or Rs 10,600, to consumers there.

Due to taxes, the Indian price tends to be about 15% higher than the non-subsidized price of the iPhone.

However, since many people don’t want to wait for 3 to 4 months to get their hands on the phone officially, many opt to buy it from private sellers on websites such as ebay. However, they will be required to pay steep premium, as evidenced by the high prices on the e-commerce site.

The model being sold on ebay in India is the 3G model, unlike the 4G models launched by some carriers in the U.S..

Though often genuine, the phones purchased from private sellers, before it is officially launched, are unlikely to get any official warranty from Apple.

The iPhone 5 is the first model to sport a 4-inch display and was unveiled in the United States a few days ago.