iBerry Auxus CoreX4 3G – first Indian quad-core tablet launched @Rs 16K

Want a quad-core 3G-sim enabled 10-inch tablet in India, but don’t want to spend Rs 37,000 to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

You had no options for a long time, but you’ve got lucky now – and you’ve got the new iBerry Auxus CoreX4 3G to thank for it.

Almost out of nowhere, iBerry has become the only Indian brand to have a quad-core tablet out in the market, and not just any tablet, but the Auxus CoreX4 3G comes with built-in 3G sim card slot.

Priced at just Rs 16,000, the tablet is very very value for money, but as you might have expected, it still has got a major shortcoming — the display.

While it is IPS, which should aid the quality of the 9.7 inch display, it’s got relatively low resolution at about three-quarters of a million pixels. In comparison, the recently launched Videocon VT10 and the Spice Mi-1010 have 1-million-pixel displays (1280*800).

The display resolution, however, is the only drawback for the tablet, going by the specifications alone. Otherwise, the iBerry Auxus CoreX4 3G has got everything going for it.

It has got the same quad-core processor as the Samsung Note 2 — Samsung’s own Exynos 4412 Quad-core, and comes with the same Mali-400 graphics processor. In addition, the Berry Auxus CoreX4 runs the processor at 1.6 GHz, while the Note runs it at 1.4 GHz.

The other major factor — battery life — should be decent, though perhaps not as long as that of the Note, which is priced at more than double of what the iBerry costs.

The iBerry, with a 7200 mAh (7.2 Ampere) battery, should technically last as long as the Samsung Tab, but the higher speed at which the processor is running may reduce the battery life.

Other specifications include Android 4.0, a 2 Megapixel camera, GPS (a rarity among Indian brands), 2 GB of RAM and 612 gm weight.

A seller who is offering the product on ebay has promised that delivery will start from 22nd Jan 2013. Most of the major online retailers are yet to offer the product.

While there are many other quad-core products available in the Indian market, such as the Onda V972, the Ainol Novo Firewire 9 etc., they are all Chinese brands and getting warranty support may be tough. However, it must be said that those tablets come with retina displays with 3-4 million pixels.

Indian brands such as iBall, HCL, Spice, Karbonn and Micromax are yet to launch quad-core tablets in India. The Chinese brands announced their offerings nearly 3 months ago, and some, like Ramos, have started shipping their products, but many are yet to start shipping too.