India’s tally in Google Science Fair drops

The number of students qualifying to the second round of the Annual Google Fair from India saw a drop this year, with only 11 out of the 90 finalists being from the country.

In comparison, the number of selections from India was about 15 last year. In fact, in 2012, Indian kids had swept up all 13 slots in the junior category. Including the children of South Asian parents settled abroad, the region accounted for nearly 25 nominations out of the 90 last year.

In the final 15 too, five were either from South Asia or of South Asian origin last year.

This year, Google said there were thousands of submissions from more than 120 countries.

“It was no easy task selecting these projects, but in the end their creativity, scientific merit and global relevance shined through. This year’s finalists projects range from using banana peels to produce bioplastics to research into a green treatment for contaminated water. Other projects include a study on the effects of video gaming on the cognitive function of the brain and the evaluation of wireless transmission of electricity,” Google’s Sam Peter said.

Following a pattern, all 11 of the nominations from India are in the 13yrs – 14yrs category.

The 15 finalists will be announced on June 27. They will then be flown to Google’s California headquarters for the last round of judging and a celebratory event on September 23.