iBerry’s Auxus Nuclea N1 holds an edge over other cheap full HD Android phones in India

It’s always been the foreign brands who introduced the latest phone technology in India with Indian brands playing catch up, but in case of Full HD screens, it is Indian brands that are leading.

About five Indian brands have launched full HD display phones in India over the past several days in the Rs 15,000-17,000 range.

What is interesting about the launches is the price that is being charged for the full HD, quad-core phones. The cheapest full HD quad-core phone available in the market before these launches was the Lenovo K900, priced at Rs 27,000. Samsung’s full HD quad-core phone, the Galaxy S4, is priced at Rs 37,000.

In other words, the offerings from the Indian brands are priced at roughly half of what MNC brands are charging. Of course, the foreign branded phones do have certain advantages such as longer battery life and more power. 

For example, the Lenovo K900 and the S4 score about 26,000-27,000 in the Antutu benchmark test. In comparison, most of the Indian quad-core phones score about 13,000, or about half. 

The other major difference is in display quality, especially when compared to the S4’s amoled screen, and of course, battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S4

All four full HD Android phones launched by Indian brands, except the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1, carry very similar specifications – Mediatek’s MT6589 processor. While the iBerry Nuclea N1 definitely carries the turbo version of the processor (which runs at 1.5 Ghz), the others are likely to carry the mid-range version of the processor. The MT6589 processor comes in cheaper versions, MT6589 (with support for 13 megapixel cameras) and MT6589m (support for 8 MP), both of which run only at 1.2 GHz.

The iBerry also boasts of what it calls an ‘active matrix’ display. The company claims that the display gives better color reproduction etc.. However, we would leave readers to make up their mind about which display is the best. The iBerry also has a bigger battery and probably has a longer battery life.

It must be noted that full HD 5-inch displays are likely to be a major draw on the battery and iBerry’s 2.8 Ampere hour battery is likely to help users eke out a day from a single charge, while the others are likely to give less than one day of battery with moderate use, such as websurfing on 3G.

In terms of price, there is very little to choose, as can be seen from the following table.

  Processor Size Battery Ah Price
Spice Mi-525 MTK MT6589? (1.2) 5 2.10 17000
Lemon Aspire MTK MT6589? (1.2) 5 1.85 16500
Wammy Z+ MTK MT6589? (1.2) 5 2.50 16000
iBerry Nuclea N1 MTK MT6589T (1.5) 5 2.80 16000