Asus launches desktop with power backup

In an attempt to stem the relentless bleeding in the desktop market, Taiwanese major Asus has launched a desktop that does not require a UPS (uninterruptible power system).

The new model, with prices starting from Rs 50,000 onwards, also features wireless charging for smartphones, high-speed storage ports, high-speed USB charging etc.. It also seeks to address another weakness of the desktop, their tendency to gather dust.

“ASUS Power Pack — a removable UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that acts like a mini UPS for the PC providing 60 seconds of power backup and after the 60 seconds it automatically deploys hibernate mode to save the user session,” Asus said.

The M51AC comes with the latest Haswell (fourth generation Core-i) processors from Intel and with RAMs ranging from 4 to 16 GB.

The desktop range is an attempt to stop the shrinkage of the desktop market. As the price difference between laptops and desktops have shrunk, sales of the boxes have been hit hard over the last five years.

The biggest factors pushing consumers towards the notebook market are space saving, portability and of course, the built in power back-up. Most Indian cities still see planned and unplanned power outages.

The desktop also comes with HDMI, 8-channel audio, optical audio, DVI, card readers, a removable power bank in the higher end versions etc..