HP Pavilion Touchsmart 11-H009TU – best hybrid computer to launch in India

Flipkart has launched arguably the best convertible laptop-cum-tablet device in India – the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 11-H009TU.

The Touchsmart 11-H009TU will compete against the Asus T100, which was launched two months ago.

However, the two are quite different, though technologically of the same era. First, the Asus model costs only around Rs 33,000, while the HP Touchsmart 11 costs Rs 59,000.

Most of the differences come from the positioning – while the Asus Transformer Book is pitched as a high-end netbook, the Touchsmart 11-H009TU is more like a cheaper Ultrabook.

Both come with cutting edge technology in the form of Silvermont (Bay Trail) based chips, and of course the hybrid or two-in-one form factor.

However, in terms of build quality, there is a lot of difference, with the HP model clearly well ahead of the Asus model.

Another difference is the processor. Though both are based on essentially the same Silvermont cores based on the Bay Trail architechture, the HP model has a slightly more powerful processor.

For example, on the Geekbench 3 benchmark, the HP Pavilion 11 scores 825 on the single core test, while the Asus model scores about 790. On the multi-core benchmark, the HP model scores about 2680, while the Asus model scores about 2600.

However, the real difference is in the quality of the components, and the display, with the HP model clearly ahead of the Asus.