Anna Hazare’s agitation at Jantar Mantar – Day 2 Pics and Videos

The agitation for the passing of the Jan Lokpal bill entered a crucial stage on Thursday, the third day of fasting by Anna Hazare and his aides.

Compared to just a few hundred supporters who trickled in on Wednesday, thousands poured in on Thursday to express support. More than a thousand people marched with candles in their hand from the India Gate in Delhi to the fast venue, Jantar Mantar, marking a key turning point for the agitation. Only around 100 people had done so on Wednesday.

The numbers were primarily composed of families and students, unlike the predominantly male population that prevailed in the first two days.

The day also saw a scaling up of on-the-ground media activities, with CNN IBN joining Headlines Today in setting up a small walk in studio next to the fasting venue and channel editor Rajdeep Sardesai holding interviews there.

Like on the first day, we bring you a pictorial tale of the second day’s events.