An Afghan pilot kills eight international soldiers

Eight international soldiers and one contractor were killed in a fight at the Kabul airport today.Some sources say that six were killed.

A gunman wearing the uniform of an Afghani pilot came into an argument with soldiers of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) early in the morning around 11 o clock local time (06.30GMT) and the pilot started indiscriminate fire killing eight soldiers and a contractor.

Afghani Defence Minister confirms the incident.

The ISAF also corroborates the incident.However it has not yet released the nationalities of the servicemen killed.

The shooting took place during a meeting between American and Afghan officers, said Col. Bahader, a spokesman for the Afghan Army Air Corps.

It is the fourth incidents in the recent months when an Afghan national wearing an army uniform has attacked the international soldiers.

The Taliban has also claimed responsibility for the incident in a text sent to the Associated Press news agency, but neither the government nor the ISAF has claimed any involvement of the terrorist group.

Of late there has been rapid rise in the recruitment for the Afghan National Army and local experts believe that not much verification has been done before enrolling people.

The ANA is going to be in charge of the security after the international forces starts the gradual withdrawal from the war torn country.

But the incidents in recent times are not so encouraging for the international community.
The kabul airport incident today comes just a few days after the major jail break in Kandhar few days ago in which around 500 soldiers fled after digging a tunnel of around 500 meters.

Last November in a vicious attack an Afghan policeman killed six US soldiers.

Early this month an Afghan border policeman shot dead two international soldiers in the Faryab province.