Xiaomi Mi4 lists on Flipkart: But where are the reviews?

One of the interesting things about online purchases is the ease of exchanging information and opinion about a product from customers, and Flipkart is no exception.

User reviews play a crucial part in deciding whether or not someone buys a product or not. However, there is no facility for commenting on the phone on Flipkart’s product page for Mi4, despite the fact that users are still searching for information and opinion on the phone.


The phone, which was panned by customers on social media for being too expensive compared to what was expected, is arguably the only mobile phone listing on Flipkart that does not have a user comment facility.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Xiaomi Mi4 is the only product on Flipkart on which the facility to submit user comments and reviews are not there at present.

In fact, users of Flipkart comment on phones before the phones are physically available in the Indian market based on specifications.

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