Xiaomi Mi4 reviews indicate fans not satisfied

Flipkart has started showing user reviews of Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone, and initial feedback indicate that the Mi4 will be far less of a success compared to its predecessor Mi3. The biggest grouse with metal phone, besides the price, is heating.

Several of the top reviews of Mi4 on Flipkart contains mention of overheating.


“Hi guys, I waited almost 8 months to buy this mobile. Initially we felt an uncomfortable heat after 3 minutes of video recording, after 14 minutes we noticed my phone is getting over heated…” said a ‘certified buyer’ Narendra on the website.

In fact, out of the 10 ‘top reviews’ of Mi4 (decided by user votes) listed on Flipkart’s product page, six of them mentioned high levels of heating, while one said the phone was ‘warm’.

“Its heats up almost to a point of unbearable, specially when charging and using simultaneously. But even when doing cpu intensive jobs while not charging it does heat up real fast,” pointed out Raghav, another ‘certified user’.

The Xiaomi Mi4 was arguably the most awaited smartphone launch in India, perhaps ever. That was largely due to the excellent trackrecord of its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi3.

However, fans expressed their intense disappointment with Xiaomi when the Chinese firm announced that the new version would be priced at Rs 19,999 compared to Rs 13,999 for the Mi3. To make matters worse, unlike rumors that the company would incorporate LTE into the model, the Mi4 came with no 4G.

“With no 4G and 16gb memory, I think 17k was a sweet spot specially considering 14k was for Mi3. Still 20k is not a bad deal at all,” Raghav added.

Not suprisingly, there were only few reviews of the phone on Flipkart’s website. In fact, Flipkart did not show the reviews on the product page initially.

Mi3 reviews ran into their hundreds, if not thousands. For Mi4, there were a total of 41 reviews, and a total of 218 ratings. 28 of the ratings gave the phone 1 out of 5, and only about 60% (125) gave it full marks.

Though the phone has one of the biggest batteries out there, users reported backup issues. “Not getting enough out of it, although it is 3080 mAh. I was using mi3 and i can safely say after 8 days of use, Mi3 had a better battery. It doesn’t last me the entire day. After checking battery stats screen is the biggest battery consumer. So no apparent bad app which is causing this,” noted Raghav.

On the positive side, the phone’s looks and power have impressed its users.

“At 20K, this is the best configuration I think. Based upon my last 5 days usage, the device performs extraordinarily well. Screen quality is imminent. Great resolution, great color reproduction and awesome viewing angle. You can look at it from 179 degrees angle and still looks the same,” said Gopi Kori, another certified buyer. “Compared it side-by-side with moto-X 2nd gen AMOLED display, and I find mi4 giving better viewing angle and color reproduction. In spite of having IPS LCD, which is supposedly more battery consuming than AMOLED display, the 3K mAh battery compensates more than that.”