Is cell phone radiation causing cancer? Gov Committee says be cautious

A special report by an expert group appointed by the Government of India has asked for more caution in dealing with electromagnetic communication devices such as cell-phones. While the eight-member committee did not blame cell phones for causing cancer, it pointed to some other studies as cause for concern.

“The committee notes that most of the laboratory studies were unable to find a direct link between exposure to RFR and the incidence of cancer. However, growing scientific evidences of bio effects and adverse health effects like DNA rearrangement in cells or chromosomal damage is reported,” said the committee in its final report.

The Committee held that “a number of studies have reported the link between exposure to radio frequency radiation and occurrence of health disorder such as effect on cell growth, cell differentiation, DNA, immune system, hormonal effects, reproduction, neurological, cardiovascular systems, blood brain barrier, interference with gadgets, stress proteins, skin, sleep disorder etc.”

The committee, set up by the Department of Telecom, comprised of a scientist from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), a representative from Government of India’s department of bio-technology and a scientist from environment ministry; besides five members from the Department of Telecom itself.

The following are the different studies quoted by the committee on the basis of which it warned public to be more careful in using cell phones for long durations.

ICMR (2005-2008) chronic exposure to microwave radiations cause double strand DNA breaks in sperm cells and statistically significant decrease in the sperm count and testes weight in rats
Robinette et al (1980) increased frequency of blood cancer and brain cancer in US naval personnel exposed to wireless and other radio communication during Korean War
Garland et al (1990) link between leukemia in US navy personnel and exposure to higher intensity of magnetic fields
Grayson (1996) nonionizing radiation (like cell-phone) particularly microwave exposure was statistically linked with brain cancer in US Air Force personnel
Michelozzi (1998) Leukemia mortality higher than expected near a high power radio transmitter in a peripheral area of Rome
Davies and Mostofi (1993) A cluster of six cases of testicular cancer among traffic policemen using microwave generators
Hayes et al (1990) Excess risk of testicular cancer among Military personnel who self reported exposure to microwaves and radio waves
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm increased risk of developing acoustic neuroma (ear cancer) in peoples using cell phone for more than 10 years
Lennart Hardell (2001-09) use of mobile phones for more than 10 years give a consistent pattern of increased risk for acoustic neuroma and gliaoma (brain or spine tumor)
RSC (1999) effects of electromagnetic radiatioin on the immune system can indirectly predispose to infection to cancer
Ronni Wolf & Danny Wolf (2004) medical records of people living within 350 meters of a long established phone mast reported a fourfold increased incidence of cancer

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