Now, find your bus using Google ‘transit’ application in India

Google has launched its “bus finder” service (Google Transit) in seven cities in India — Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

Users have to simply enter the name of the building or street that they want to reach on their Google Maps application on the mobile phone to get detailed instructions on how to reach there using public transport.

The service gives multiple options such as bus, autorickshaws, taxi etc..

The service is also available on the desktop (PC) version of Google Maps.

Google Maps for mobile is a freely downloadable application that automatically uses the phone’s cellular network or GPS to pin-point the user’s current position in the map. In case of GPS, even a single step in any direction is immediately reflected in the Google Map application in the form of an arrow.

Google is investing heavily into its India business, after losing hope of complying with the intricate web of regulations in the other big high-growth market, China.

Bangalore recently became the first Indian city where Google started taking actual photographs of the streets to construct a virtual world of the city which can be browsed by users sitting at their homes.

The Google Street View allows people to “sight see” any big city in the world sitting in their chair at home or office using 3D software and Google Maps.