Coming Soon: 4K LYF TVs for Reliance Jio 4G network

reliance-jio-lyf-smart-tvLYF, the phone brand owned by Reliance Industries, will soon launch a number of smart TVs that will work with Reliance Jio’s upcoming 4G network in India.

The TVs are being manufactured by one of the world’s biggest television makers, which incidentally also makes OLED, curved and 4K models as well.


Since the LYF brand has been entrusted to Reliance Retail, the possibility of more types of devices being launched under it cannot be ruled out, according to sources. For now, since Reliance’s interest is primarily in launching devices for the Jio 4G network, the first batch of the LYF branded televisions will be essentially LED smart TVs.

TV controlling app

While one model is reported to be of 43 inch, the others are seen at 50 and 65 inches respectively.

In addition to smart features, they will also likely support recording to external hard-disks. Most will be full-HD and pricing will be disruptive. At least the 65-inch model will have 4K UHD resolution.

In fact, pricing will be one of the biggest selling points of the TVs. At present, low-cost TVs are available in India, but they don’t contain smart features such as streaming, video on demand, Facebook integration etc.. The LYF branded televisions will allow   you to view facebook notifications and twitter feeds on your TV screen, without having to switch your eyes to your phone.

Jio is seen opening up its network to the public next month, after having done a limited launch in December.

The company has an integrated approach to connectivity, and will offer video-on-demand, social networking and web browsing on its TVs in addition to the regular TV channels.

The broadcast regulator TRAI has, meanwhile, brought in a new consultation paper to bring more transparency in and curb monopolistic business practices of broadcasters. This is expected to facilitate the launch of new apps and other avenues of consuming television content in India.

At present, nearly all the content is provided for streaming only through the broadcaster’s own apps or via Google’s Youtube.