Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (32 GB) comes back on Amazon’s flash sale registration page

32-gbGoing by Amazon’s sign up page for tomorrow’s Redmi Note 3 sale, the ecommerce website will also be offering the 32 GB version after a gap of 20 days.

Amazon had sold a handful of 32 GB models in the first two sales, and soon ran out of stock, restricting the flash sale to the cheaper, and less-in-demand 16 GB model.

However, Amazon’s sign up page for tomorrow‘s sale mentions both the 16 GB version and the 32 GB version. It had removed the 32 GB version just before the third flash sale happened.

Tomorrow’s will be the fifth sale of Redmi Note 3 on Amazon.


The sale of Redmi Note 3 has been extremely disappointing as far as Xiaomi’s fans in India are concerned.

Even as interested buyers for the 32GB version rose above 1 mln, the company has been able to offer only an estimated 2,000-4,000 units in India even though sales started over a month ago, which is about 0.2-0.4% of the actual demand.

To blunt criticism, Xiaomi will conduct not one, but three flash sales on its website. Including on Amazon, there will therefore be four occasions for any interested buyer to try his luck tomorrow.

The sales on Xiaomi’s website will take place at 11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM, while Amazon will sell at 2 PM.

You have to be registered before hand to buy from Amazon, but the other three sales are open to everyone.

Xiaomi has still not revealed how many units it plans to sell tomorrow. The lack of transparency has been a sore point with the company’s approach to its customers and fans as far as the latest sale is concerned.

While competitors like Lenovo and LeTV transparently declare how many units they sell each week and what the total demand for their models is, Xiaomi has started sharing only the demand figure, and not the availability number.

Still, assuming 10,000 each per event, about 40,000 units should be available for buyers tomorrow.

The Note 3 is the most value for money phone in India right now, and comes with a full-HD display, a fingerprint scanner, Snapdragon 650 chipset and 3 GB of RAM.

Its closest competitor is the Le 1s, which is also priced Rs 1,000 cheaper at Rs 10,990.

The Le 2s, which is a clearly superior model when compared to the Note3, is expected to be unveiled towards the end of this month or early next in India.

For details on how to participate in tomorrow’s events, click here.