Reliance asks 4G upgrade customers to send SMS to activate data

cdma-upgrade-stepsWith widespread complaints about the lack of 4G data availability for some CDMA upgrade customers, Reliance Communications has introduced a new SMS-based LTE data activation facility.

With this, the CDMA upgrade process now comprises three steps – buy 4G SIM, send SIM activation SMS from old mobile, and finally send 4G data activation message from new SIM.

The new system, introduced at a time when the company has started offering data services on Reliance  Jio’s LTE network, requires the user to send an SMS ‘start’ to 1925.

This is in addition to the first migration SMS that CDMA subscribers have to send to activate the SIM.

“To ensure we have your consent to provide 4G data services please SMS start to 1925,” the company said.

In the initial days of the migration process, there were reports that many subscribers who upgraded from CDMA to GSM had to go to the Reliance Mobile Stores to get data activated. The latest SMS facility seems to be aimed at doing away with the need to do this.

It could also be targeted at accommodating people who have no need for 4G data, but are happy to use only voice services, or they may be using 2G or 3G devices with no support for LTE.

Migrating such low-end or voice users and provisioning for them on Reliance Jio’s 4G network will result in needless expenditure for RCom.

With the latest SMS facility, those who have 4G handsets and are interested in trying 4G data can make sure that they get access to it, while the others will continue on Reliance’s existing 2G and 3G networks.

For 4G dongle users,  there is no such requirement to send any SMS for starting data services, as these devices can only be used for data and not for 2G or 3G voice.


RCom also introduced a completely online, free-of-charge upgrade process.

While earlier, a customer had  to go to the nearest Reliance Mobile store, pay around Rs 100 and then get the upgrade process rolling, now they can do it from the company’s website.

However, they still need to get a 4G SIM from the nearest outlet.
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