Airtel launches online mobile store

Airtel has entered the online phone retailing business, entering a market already boiling over with competition.

The shop primarily sells handsets.

Going by the rates, however, only some handsets are priced below the rates offered by competitors like Flipkart and Letsbuy.

For example, the Nokia Lumia 800 is available for 23,338 on Airtel’s shop, compared with 23,585 on Flipkart and 24,056 on Letsbuy.

In addition, Airtel also offers free 3G data of 2GB for four months (worth about Rs 2,000), but to use the offer, you have be already on Airtel’s network, or switch to Airtel.

Similarly, the LG P698, which is priced at Rs 9,799 on Flipkart and Rs 10,600 on Letsbuy, is available for Rs 9,436 on Airtel Shop.

However, when it comes to HTC One X, the price is higher on Airtel’s shop, at Rs 37,899. The same phone is available from Flipkart at Rs 36,099 and Rs 36,815 from Letsbuy.