After Motorola fire comes another Android qwerty-touchscreen, LG Optimus Pro C660

Suddenly it is raining Android-touch-screen-qwerty-candy-bar phones.

Days after Motorola created ripples in the market by launching a very functional Android-touch-screen-qwerty-candy-bar Fire for Rs 9,000 ($200), LG’s followed suit with the LG Optimus Pro C660 on Letsbuy and Flipkart.

The phone, priced at around Rs 10,000 by the online retailers, is very very similar to the Motorola Fire, except in case of the processor and the touch-screen aspects.

Instead of a 600 MHz chip, as is found on the Motorola Fire, the LG Optimus Pro C660, has an 800 MHz processor.

Similarly, instead of plain capacitive touch technology found on the Motorola Fire, the Optimus Pro C660 has multi-touch capacitive touch. However, the LG model has a 3.6 Mbps HSPA chip while the Motorola one comes with 7.2 Mbps HSPA connectivity.

The other features and specifications are strikingly similar:

Both have 2.8 inch displays.

There is no front camera, but both have 3 megapixel cameras on the back.

Both models have 256 MB of RAM and Android Gingerbread 2.3.3.

Ultimately, the extra Rs 1000 gets you a faster processor on the LG Optimus Pro C660, which may come in handy as Android is certainly not a lightweight OS to run.

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