SpiceJet introduces self check-in for baggage in Mumbai

SpiceJet has introduced self check-in for baggage at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji domestic airport.

Customers flying with SpiceJet can now simply check-in their baggage at the self-service kiosks themselves up to 45 minutes prior to the departure time.

“Independent of counter opening hours passengers can simply drop-off their luggage easily by themselves, without having to wait in long queues. Besides faster baggage drop-off and shorter passenger queues, the service is expected to reduce training costs while offering flexibility in staff employment,” the company said.

Passengers can print his bag tags and receipt on the self check-in kiosks, avoiding the counter queues.

He can then drop the bag on the baggage belt.

“The bag drop counter equipped completely with scanners, scales and sensors to accept all kinds of bags. It will automatically check flight data, baggage weight and size allowances before securely depositing the bag into the baggage handling system,” SpiceJet said.

In case of excess baggage, the same will be prompted through the machine and the customer will then need to go to the nearest customer service agent and ask them for assistance, it said.

“Service features as these will have a far-reaching impact enabling airlines to serve higher punctuality and increased capacity among others at lower operational costs while offering the end customers with a hassle free travel experience,” said Glory Nelson, senior vice president in charge of IT for the airline.

The service is currently live at the domestic terminals of Mumbai and will be expanded to other airports if the enabling technology is made available at other airports, the company said.