Google Plus app comes to the iPad

Barely two weeks after launching the Android tablet version, Google has launched its Google Plus app for the iPad.

The biggest advantage in using the app (and not the mobile website) is ease of use and the possibility of multi-user, free video conferencing.

“There’s nothing like catching up with friends face to face. Now you can start a video chat with up to nine friends anywhere, anytime with Hangouts on iPhone and iPad,” Google said, announcing the launch of the iPad app.

The video conference can be started by tapping “Hangout” from the main menu, selecting friends and tapping “Start.”

“We’ll ring their phones (if you want), and if someone misses the hangout, they can ring you back with a single tap,” the company noted.

Google had introduced its Google Plus app for the iPhone in May.

Other features of the app are –

Pinch and expand posts right in your stream to add comments.
Use of two fingers to drag a post from the user’s stream to re-share it
Streaming hangouts to a TV using AirPlay
Create and manage events, post comments, upload a photo and check out who’s going.

The app is available from Apple’s app store.