65,000 sold, Xiaomi Mi3 continues to enthrall users

With 65,000 units sold in less than a month, the mania for Xiaomi Mi3 seems to be still going strong judging by user feedback on the phone.

Out of the 2,269 ratings that the phone has received on Flipkart, 68.5% of the people have given the phone 5 out of 5 — or excellent, in their appreciation. This is higher than the Moto G’s rating, which is at 66.7% on the same site. Both are exclusive launches by the same outlet, so it’s unlikely that there is some platform bias.


Both phones have an overall score of 4.4 in buyer feedback, very high considering that tech users tend to be a picky lot. Interestingly, Mi3’s failure rate seems to be higher than that of Moto G, possibly pointing to a higher proportion of manufacturing defects compared to Motorola.

A total of 8.1% of the users gave the Xiaomi Mi3 a rating of 1 out of 5, almost always an indicator of some or the other defect in their piece. In case of Moto G, the ratio was 4.9%. It must also be noted that the Motorola G has about ten times the number of ratings that the Mi 3 has.

The specific pattern also indicates that where the phone works well, people are really impressed by it and give it either a five out of five or a four out of five. The proportion of four stars is much less in Mi3 compared to the Moto.

Going by feedback, both online and offline, Xiaomi’s got off to a really auspicious start to their India venture, and customers really love their Mi3s.

Sample some of the feedback on the product page:

“Yes the phone is CHINESE but its not like Micromax, Xolo, Lava, Karbonn, etc. The Mi3 has the Display from LG or Sharp, Camera from Sony, Processor From Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 which is used in LG G2, Nexus 5, S4 (USA), therefore its not any other chinese phone, it has top end specs. To conclude I will say that you have to use this phone to believe it that its so very good, See the specs and the hardware, all are from reputed companies, don’t just ignore the product by just calling it Chinese.
Its Ui is so good that you will feel that the company has paid attention to minute details hence a lot of tweaking can be done. Its the Best value for money product,”
Mohith Sharma.

“I have owned android phones from past 4 years and I keep changing my phones a month or two. But now after using this mobile for 5 days, I think , I have got what I was looking for until now, I have sony lww, xperia zl, galaxy grand, lumia 525, canvas 2 colors, moto e, g, & 2012 nexus 7… & guess what, this beauty is the best among them all,” Ketan Patil.

Priyank Parikh pointed out that Xiaomi may still lag behind Samsung in the display area. Samsung’s phones come with Super Amoled displays, in which the pixels directly emit light, while most others come with LCD displays, in which the pixels only reflect or refract light that is sent from under them.

“I was a fan of Super Amoled, This display changed my mind. IPS Retina Display. 441 PPI delivered unmeasurable contrast. Still Holo Black Background in IPS vs Super Amoled is dull. But Viewing angles are awesome. Brightness is Superior,” he notes.

However, it must be noted that there are also some angry comments due to manufacturing defects. But overall, the Mi3 customers of India seem to be a satisfied, if not overwhelmed, lot. But with 65,000 phones sold, will more people step up to buy the 20,000 or so phones coming up for sale on Aug 26? We believe the ‘sell out’ phenomenon is nearing its end, and either in the coming sale, or the next one, people will be able to buy the phone without seeing ‘out of stock’.