Tata Elxsi comes up with LTE small-cell suite

Tata Elxsi, the software company from the Tata group that specializes in 4G wireless technologies such as Wimax and LTE, has come out with a suite of software products that will help companies create mini cells for LTE networks.

LTE networks will support India’s broadband roll-out in the coming years as more and more companies launch their services later this year.

Several firms had won LTE/Wimax spectrum three years ago, but are yet to start deploying their network or services. LTE, short for Long Term Evolution, is expected to deliver higher throughput than the currently used 3G technology.

However, due to the developing nature of the technology, products such as base stations (for towers) and devices (such as USB dongles) are not yet available on a commercial scale.

Tata Elxsi is trying to mark out its presence in the evolving LTE ecosystem. The company has a long history of working on 4G technologies and has developed intellectual property in Wimax technology.

It currently has reference designs for LTE base stations on various chip platforms.

“[This is] a full-featured solution for small cells and a professional services team that can help them take it to market quickly,” saidNitin Pai, Vice President for Marketing for Tata Elxsi.

It also has TDD and FDD software for LTE eNodeB, carrier-grade LTE UE protocol software and WiMAX 802.16e base station and mobile station reference designs.

The Bangalore-based company is one of the few Indian technology firms of size that work on developing own intellectual property and technologies.